Abel Pintos was pleased and left the Intruders mobile live: "You and your production are a disaster"

2022-07-12 18:04:18 By : Ms. Vania Zhang

"Oh no, he's going to abandon the mobile," Maite Peñoñori anticipated at the time that Abel Pintos spoke live with Flor de la V, in Intruders (America).Since the end of the '90s, the singer has been an emblem of music and has always stayed away from scandals, which is why this Monday he decided to be the protagonist of a hilarious moment that, according to himself, he had been looking forward to for a long time. weather.With a constant smile, Abel Pintos gave an extensive interview in which he reviewed his career, but also spoke about his role as his father.Throughout the talk, the singer was very comfortable and open to dialogue, which generated a fun back and forth with the program's journalists.However, the interview took a different direction at the end, when Flor de la V was about to fire him.At the moment that the interpreter of "Oncemil" visualized that the farewell was imminent, he decided to make a surprise interruption at the driver's words."Whoa, can I ask you for a favor?Can you fulfill a dream for me live and direct? ”, He requested with total respect, leaving the host and her team intrigued, since he was not scheduled for live.Without hesitation, but with a great curiosity that was transmitted in the gestures on his face, Flor gave the singer the opportunity to express the request.“As an audience, we have often seen diverse characters who, for different reasons, have abandoned the mobile.So, when we in the dressing rooms or at home, there is a situation that overwhelms us, we do: ´Well, I am going to abandon the mobile, ”he introduced to contextualize the request that was about to be made.The singer made reference to various televised situations that became iconic scenes in the entertainment world.For example, when in 2011 Carmen Barbieri angrily withdraws from Intruders, due to a strong back and forth with Luis Ventura, then a panelist of the cycle.That moment was etched in the memory of the audience.Immediately afterwards, the singer continued: “It is the first time that I have made a mobile with Intruders and with these characteristics, can I abandon the mobile?”Among the laughter of all the members of the television series, he had the positive response of the driver, who gave him free rein so that the singer can fulfill her wish.Immediately, Abel Pintos demonstrated his acting skills and pretended to be upset to leave, starring in a rudeness similar to the one previously performed by other figures.“Well, you know what?You and your production are a disaster.And I abandon the mobile, "he said while Flor de la V applauded him, without losing his humor.Meanwhile, the chronicler of the cycle Alejandro Guatti joined the theatrical stage and chased the singer between screams, to try to convince him to stay on the site."Abel Pintos left us from the cell phone and we made his dream come true," the chronicler closed before saying goodbye to his companions.The driver celebrated the funny moment and highlighted the good vibes of the singer, who immediately returned to the scene to greet the camera.Copyright 2022 SA THE NATION |All rights reservedDownload the application of LA NACION.It is fast and light.Do you want to receive alert notifications?A connection error has occurred