Tiny Houses for Sale on Amazon - Prefab Homes and Cabin Kits on Amazon

2022-06-15 10:38:31 By : Mr. Alex Wu

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Oh, and did we mention the free shipping on many of these?

Turns out, you really can buy just about everything on Amazon, including your next house! No, we're not talking about house plans for a full-size home. Amazon sells tiny house kits with everything you need to build your miniature home, garden shed, or outdoor studio space. And in true Amazon fashion, many of them feature free shipping.

While these tiny houses are cheap, you may be wondering if it's cheaper to buy or build your own tiny house. The answer all depends on how handy you are. While most of these tiny homes are going to involve some level of handy work to assemble, building one from scratch is a whole different ball game. Not to mention, if you're considering insulating your tiny home to use year-round, that's an added expense and level of work, even if you buy one of these as most don't include insulation. Now that you've considered everything, let's buy your tiny house!

If you're looking for a tiny home that has it all, this is your best bet. It comes complete with a plumbing system, electricity, flooring, roofing—everything you need to make this tiny house a home.

This cedar home is just dying to be your spring and summer oasis, complete with a little porch and window boxes.

This spruce cabin comes in at just over 200 sq. ft., making it the perfect guest house, large shed, or even a full living space. Electricity and plumbing can be added, and while the manufacturer doesn't recommend insulation due to all the windows, many reviews say a space heater will suffice in below-freezing temperatures.

You'll have to add plumbing and a bathroom to this barn-style home to make it livable, but we think this two-floor beauty is worth a little bit of extra work.

Double doors make getting lawn mowers and other large tools in and out of this shed easy. But this isn't your average backyard shed—the shingled roof, shuttered windows, and cupola up top make it a gorgeous addition to your garden.

It's more of a shed than a home, but this far less expensive alternative to the other homes on our list still has several of the amenities you'd need to live comfortably: shatterproof windows, corner shelves, steel wall supports, and a high-pitched roof. The locking doors are reinforced with steel.

This modular home is the perfect blank slate for your tiny home journey. Add a shower, toilet, kitchenette to start, with the option of buying more containers if you ever need extra space.

This contemporary-styled tiny home is one of the largest and most-practicably livable on this list, coming in at just over 220 sq. ft. It includes an optional wall that can be used to section off a closet or bathroom, while the main living area has windows. It doesn't include plumbing or electricity, but both can be installed.

The smaller version of the Claudia tiny house mentioned above, this 123 sq ft home isn't insulated, but it is sturdy thanks to its all-spruce construction. French-style double doors open to a cozy living area that's surrounded by windows, making it the perfect little backyard escape.

If you're looking for a garden house that's ideal for enjoying the serenity of the outdoors, then this windowed-unit fits the bill. It's evenly split between a roofed porch that could easily be screened-in if you prefer and an indoor portion that has two full sides of windows.

It's not technically a tiny house, but this gingerbread playhouse was just too cute not to include! Give the little ones a tiny home of their own to play in. This option comes in 3 sizes: 8'x8', 8'x10', and 8'x12'.